"Hair remover" - the medium that will remove 
your hair FOREVER!

* 100% QUALITY WARRANTY AND REFUND! 100% REFUND, IN THE ABSENCE OF EFFECT! ACTION is runnung "NO RESULTS - YES REFUND!". (Read details in section "Actions"). 

* You will have opportunity to REMOVE UNDESIRABLE HAIRS FOR EVER!


* Tested in RDE МТ RAMS (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences)! Additionally, approval of the State sanitary - epidemiological service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine !

* CERTIFIED in Russia and Ukraine!!! №RU.61.РЦ.10.001.Е.000015.03.15 (you can check the originality of certificate on ). The Certificate Of Ukraine № 05.03.02 - 03 / 47694

* The effect of laser hair removal at a PRICE of 1/10 the cost of laser and SMOOTH SKIN FOR ALL YOUR LIFE !!! Laser hair removal (25000 rubles), Israel analogue EpilFREE (processing of all areas is about 30000-40000 rub) !!!

* SAVINGLY! One bottle is enough for ALL MAIN AREAS!!!

* Developed by a practicing Russian physician, a scientist, Candidate of Medical Science. THERE IS RUSSIAN PATENT FOR INVENTION (valid till 28 November 2032)!


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In connection with the existence of counterfeit products on the Russian market, which in its properties makes it impossible to remove hair permanently, the company-manufacturer decided to open the OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE hair removal preparation FOREVER! CAUTION, beware of imitations! Here is the original product! The original bottle contains a substance of light grey or grey color. Consistency of the original product is liniment with a pleasant smell and soapy effect. The cream can contain mineral inclusions .


The image of the official product

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The procedure for using

                use-item-1.png           i-arrow.png     use-item-2.png        i-arrow.png      use-item-3.png       i-arrow.png     use-item-4.png          i-arrow.png        use-item-5.png

   Proceduced by waxing,          Used means           wrap with cling          Repeat the                Enjoy smooth skin 

    tweezers or sugaring            "Hair remover"         film and leave         procedure cycles            without hair

                                                                                  for 15 minutes          for a few days

Counterindication: varix dilatation; allergic response to the components of a preparation; do not apply to scares, moles, damaged skin on the place of processing; oncological diseases; bleedings, including emmenia; on a face area as well as in pregnancy and during the breast feeding (it was not tested); affections of cardiovasculares; infectious diseases, virus disease accompanied by abnormality in health or temperature rise.


1) Do allergy test. On the elbow, one day before the procedure. Use if preparation does not cause allergic responses and skin irritations. The time of the test -10 min. 

2) Do not use a deodorant 48 hours before the test, so as not to block the pores of the skin. 

3) Take a shower beforehand. Do not apply creams, lotions and body oils. The skin should be clean (from dirt and cosmetics) and dry.

4) The optimal length hair 5 - 7 mm, for the "trapping" wax or sugar paste (shugaring). 

5) Apply to the "horizontal" position. In the case of the "vertical" coating, preparation may "leak" from the treatment zone by gravity, reducing efficiency.


1) Make epilation. We recommend to use tweezers. Wax or sugar hair removal is possible. Main requirement - Hair removal with "root" for the "discovery" of the delivery channel means «HR» to the area of the hair follicle. 

2) Apply the «HR» or cotton piece. Cover the treated area with plastic or other flexible film that does not let out heat and moisture. For the hands or feet, it can be for several layers. If the zone is "a relief", the top cover of "relief." The film should adhere to the skin for the obstacles "evaporation" of substances. 

3) Wait 15-20 minutes. If you feel unpleasant sensations, it is necessary to stop the procedure, wipe dry the skin and wash off with water. Edit soothing cream. 

4) Remove the foil and wipe "dry" cotton pad or a clean cloth. 

5) Apply for five consecutive days (one cycle). In the case of "sensitive" skin, make use of "every other day" - 1,3,5,7,9y days from the start of the procedure. 

6) In the "cycle" of five days of application «HR», pause 3-4 weeks for hair growth. Upon reaching the hair follicles 5-7 mm, repeat the procedure again from the "remaining" hair. 

7) To prevent the effect of "dry" and the appearance of cracks after the procedure is recommended to apply moisturizers based on aloe vera and chamomile.

Expected result: the effect becomes noticeable after 1-1.5 months of use. After contact with preparation hair follicles of growing hair become thinner and weaker, thinning and eventually disappear altogether. Perhaps the "clarification" of hair color from dark to light, in connection with the violation of generating hair pigment - melanin. Processes similar to use of hydrogen peroxide for creation of "blondes" effect. 

You will reach results if:

1) Hair has removed properly – with its «root».

2) Removal took place on the phase of “growing” - anagen. When the cells nourishing the hair and its root are together. (About 10-15% of human skin at one time).

стадии роста.jpg

The results of the processing means HR after 27 days!



The results of the processing means HR after 59 days (almost two months)!


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Letters of recommendation

  watermarked - Рекомендательное письмо ООО Прогресс Холдинг.jpg watermarked - Рекомендательное письмо ИП Дмитриева.jpg watermarked - рекоменд письмо ИП Уварова.jpg

A key position for all modes of "permanent hair removal", including the familiar laser and photoepilators - the effect of hair removal will be positive only if at the time of its implementation the hair is in an active stage of growth. If the phase of hair growth is regressive, it will be no effect. Thus the cycles of adjacent hair growth on the skin are not synchronous, so that in all areas of the skin there are both young (anagen phase) and the old hair.

In the case of «HR» technology you replace the destructive element only - instead of a laser beam or an electric shock flash you apply strictly metered chemical elements on the surface of the skin, it works in a liquid medium follicle. After the reaction, they dissolve and output is harmless to the body. Checked MT Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.


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Laser hair removal costs about $ 400

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